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About Us

We aim to take the stress out of organising fireworks for your celebration. Thorough planning is key. Be assured that by using Ardent, you can sit back and enjoy your event. The word Ardent means enthusiasm, passion and devotion. All of these are what we offer as a company.

We are a relatively young company, with a lot of experience. Formed in January 2005, we are based in York but able to display in most parts of the UK — having fired in Wales, Northampton and Derbyshire, as well as Yorkshire.

Ardent was formed by Craig and Tez. Craig has been involved in fireworks for seven years prior to forming Ardent Firework Displays in January 2005 and has a lot of experience. Layne and Paul joined immediately after the company was started but had fired before joining. Brett joined the team at the beginning of 2007. Sam and Paul joined in 2010.

We started firing as a hobby, then carried out a large display for a family wedding and Ardent has grown from there.

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