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Organised Displays

We deal with everything!

If you're planning a larger gathering and want a more polished and orchestrated show, you might want to opt for a professional display package.
We take care of every detail of the fireworks display, from checking the suitability of the site to setting and firing the display and clearing the site of debris after the event.

Individual, special and hassle-free

We'll make your event individual and special, all you have to do is tell us what colour scheme you'd like to follow, any music you'd like to synchronise, the special effects you'd like, how long you'd like the display to last and even how much noise you want to make!

Included with every display:

  • A stress-free event.
  • Full liaison with the venue, or an alternative firing site.
  • Notification of all relevant authorities.
  • Transport of equipment and fireworks.
  • Public liability insurance.
  • Efficient site clearance following the display.

Our bespoke displays start from £600 (all inclusive price depending on location).

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Wedding displays start from £800 for an action-packed display of approximately five minutes using a colour co-coordinated mix of larger calibre ground and aerial fireworks. Special effects can be added for a little extra cost such as a romantic waterfall effect or the happy couple's initials set in a glittering heart.

Displays can be extended to accommodate budgets of any amount

Parties and Anniversaries

Starting from only £600 dependent on your choice of effects such as messages written in fireworks.

Corporate Events and Public Displays

Larger displays with dramatic effects designed for maximum impact to impress your guests. These events are ideally suited to sporting events, awards ceremonies, product launches and for corporate entertainment.

Corporate package pricing starts from £3,000, increasing by approximately £750 per minute for the largest of displays. The sky and your imagination are our only limits!


These displays are fired in time to your chosen piece of music. Larger effects are used for the wow factor.

Some of the tracks we have previously fired displays to include:
Arabella by the Arctic Monkeys - to a live band
Let it go from Disneys Frozen movie
Sky full of stars by Coldplay
Disney's Happily Ever After
Theme from Game Of Thrones
and yes the 1812 overture by Tchaikovsky, to name but a few.

Price starts from £1400, dependent on piece of music chosen.

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Here are some examples of our display packages to give you some ideas about what we can make happen for the budget you have in mind.

Whizz Bang Pop

DurationUp to 5 minutes
Loudness* * *
FeaturesMixed colours with a wide variety of effects
Price rangeFrom £600 (all inclusive)

Our ‘Whizz Bang Pop' package is ideal for children's parties and family celebrations. This display features a colourful mix of smaller effects including multi-coloured Catherine wheels; golden comets; whistling spinners; roman candles; crackling mines; silver flying fish; red and gold flowers; crackling starbursts; a Mexican wave of colours firing in a Z-shape formation.

This package also includes some sparklers for the children!

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Fiesta Time

Over The Moon
DurationUp to 5 minutes
Loudness* * * *
FeaturesColour, movement and action
Price rangeFrom £800 (all inclusive)

Lasting approximately five minutes, this is a loud and colourful display using medium-sized effects with multi-coloured willows; red, green and yellow flying fish; tailed stars turning into howling silver spinners; swirling dragon tails bursting into red palm trees, coloured peonies; angled colours changing into coconut trees; finishing with a barrage of colour and crackles.

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Riot of Colour

Riot of Colour Display
DurationUp to 6 minutes
Loudness* * * * *
FeaturesA dramatic opening and a breathtaking finale
Price RangeFrom £1000 (all inclusive)

Our most popular wedding package!

Enough ‘oooh’s’ and aaah’s’ for up to six minutes of wonderment! The Riot of Colour display starts with large colourful bursts to get everyones attention, followed by barrage of whistles, crackles and stars; finishing with large chrysanthemum bursts.

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Reach for the Stars

Touch the Stars
DurationUp to 7 minutes
LoudnessAs loud or as soft as you like
FeaturesYour choice of special effects
Price rangeFrom £1,400 (all inclusive)

The sky’s your limit with a budget of £1200 or more!

This is a wholly bespoke display reflecting the personality of the event and befitting occasion. Call us to discuss your event requirements and ideas on 07962 225600 or 01759 307849.

Alternatively, you can e-mail us at or 

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Public Events and Larger Weddings

Another Galaxy
Durationfrom 10 minutes
LoudnessAs loud or as soft as you like
FeaturesYour choice of special effects
Price rangeFrom £2,000 (all inclusive)

A wholly bespoke display, including a variety of, London New Year style, Mortar shell effects, reflecting the event or occasion. Call us to discuss your event requirements and ideas on 07962 225600 or 01759 307849.

Alternatively, you can e-mail us at or 

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  • Imagine a cascading waterfall of fireworks, a perfect photo opportunity.
  • What about a heart with your initials on either side to add a touch of romance, or shells that burst high in the sky as large red Love Hearts.
  • What about a written message of your choice to make it personal.
  • Want to have your display to your favourite piece of music. 

All of our displays include a fully trained team, comprehensive insurance and  full liaison with your venue to remove any stress from your event, leaving you with the confidence to enjoy the evening.

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A few of our venues

Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements  on 01759 307849 or 07962 225600. All displays are subject to approval by landowner.

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