Fireworks can be enjoyed by everyone, provided they are used safely and responsibly. Follow our top tips to ensure you stay safe when attending or hosting a fireworks display.

  1. Check for the CE mark on your fireworks - and only buy fireworks that carry this accreditation
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol if you're the one responsible for setting fireworks off - it'll slow your judgment and could increase your risk of having an accident
  3. Always keep fireworks in a closed box when not in use
  4. Follow each individual fireworks' instructions - they're not all the same
  5. Light fireworks at arm's length using a taper and then stand well back
  6. Don't go near any fireworks that have been lit, even if they haven't gone off as they could still explode
  7. Make sure all children are supervised around fireworks and keep your pets indoors
  8. Ensure you wear gloves when lighting and using sparklers and only light one at a time
  9. Avoid letting off noisy fireworks after 11pm
  10. Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them

For fireworks in York we are just a stone's throw away - our store is open all year round and our friendly team are on hand to help you select fireworks for the perfect display.


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