The popularity of fireworks is unquestionable. There is just something so magical about bringing people together to watch a massive spectacle in the sky or a big finale to a concert or show that captures the wow factor to any event or gathering. But we all know that the key to putting on a firework display is all in the planning, so here's our top tips on how to plan your own firework display.

Keep it varied

Mix and match a combination of different types of fireworks to keep your audience invested and entertained. Here at Ardent fireworks, we have a huge selection of different fireworks on our online shop. Choose from a variety of RocketsMinesFountainsCakes and Sparklers. By featuring all or some of these fireworks, you are guaranteed to create an impressive firework display at your event.

Story board

Okay, you don't have to draw. But create a list of the order of which you want to set your fireworks off so you can plan size and placement. Remember, smaller fireworks need to go at the front, while the bigger ones should be the furthest ones away from wherever your audience will be stood during the entire firework display. 

Get set up early

When planning your firework display, you want to make sure to set everything in place in daylight. On top of organising your guests and ensuring fireworks go off when they are supposed to, you don't need to nightmare of trying to operate your fireworks in the dark. Plan to set your smaller selection of fireworks off while you get ready to light your bigger fireworks to make sure people stick around and keep watching!

All that's left to do is get your fireworks for your firework display! Have a look on our website at our online store to get the perfect fireworks for your event.

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