Due to the Coronavirus and these ongoing uncertain times, our retail shops are remaining closed until further notice, but we still have a huge range of fireworks available for purchase online. We've just got some exciting new fireworks in too, such as; Thunder King, Warlord, Magical Palms, Blue Star Eruption, Tequila Slammer, Theatre of Dreams and many more, so make sure to look out for those! 

If you are putting on a fireworks display in your garden while the lockdown continues, it’s important that you take important and necessary safety measures. Make sure you evaluate the size of your garden, buy fireworks most suited to your space, and take heed of any weather warnings that may affect your garden display. 

Ardent Fireworks has fireworks of all types available, so whether you want rocket fireworks, fountain fireworks, noise cakes, sparklers, or a selection box for variety, we can make your lockdown just as memorable and fun as a normal summer! 

We also cater for a variety of budgets, with fireworks from under £10 for smaller gardens and prices going above £25 for the bigger gardens and families. 

Our team has been working with fireworks for decades, so with our combined experience, we can give you the information and advice to have the best garden fireworks display during lockdown. Get in touch here and let us help!

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